Sounds Aero Maintenance

Sounds Aero Maintenance Capabilities

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Sounds Aero can carry out and certify maintenance on:

  • Group 1, 2 and 3 aircraft (under 5700kg)
  • Group 1 and 2 engines
  • C208 aircraft
  • PT6A engines
  • Group 1 helicopters
  • Magneto 500 hour inspection / overhaul
  • Reviews of Airworthiness and IA conformity inspections
  • Avionics installations (VHF Com/Transponder/Intercom/ELT). Specialist avionic engineer in house.

In addition to this, we have specialist experience in the following work:

  • PA38 Tomahawk complete refurbish. Read more
  • PA38 Tomahawk Wing Spar mod
  • 406 MHz ELT installation
  • Aircraft paint strip and re-paint
  • Fabric covering and repairs
  • Aircraft sourcing and importation from the US
Craig Anderson

Propeller Dynamic Balancing

Excessive vibration of very often the cause of many defects including cracking, metal fatigue and loose fittings. Out of balance propellers are very often the cause of aircraft vibration. Many engine TBO escalation programs require regular vibration checking, so it is wise to keep all propellers vibration free. We have several years experience using the Dynamic Solutions Systems (DSS) MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer. This is the latest technology in dynamic propeller balancing and engine vibration analysis. The system simplifies the traditionally complicated task of balancing propellers, and provides a cost effective way to keep your aircraft vibration free.


PT6A Hot Section Inspection and Borescope

We service Sounds Air's fleet of four Cessna C208 Caravans, and therefore have extensive experience in PT6A servicing, including Hot Sections Inspections, and borescoping of engine internals. We use the Machida 3mm videoscope, which allows for capturing of high definition images for later viewing/emailing etc.


PT6A MORE Engine STC Program

We have for many years been using the MORE Engine STC TBO extension program on Sounds Air's PT6A engines. This program allows extension of engine TBO to 8000 hours, and requires certain extra scheduled maintenance tasks to be carried out, including oil filter and debris sampling, propeller and engine vibration analysis, engine instrument calibration checking, engine borescope inspection and hot section inspections. In our experience the extra maintenance requirements provide a thorough and practical way to extend PT6 engine life, as well as giving the peace of mind of knowing in detail the exact condition of your engine.

ounds Aero Maintenance are the only company in New Zealand that has the extensive tooling required to remove and inspect Cessna C208 Caravan undercarriage

C208 Undercarriage Corrosion Inspection

Sounds Aero Maintenance are the only company in New Zealand that has the extensive tooling required to remove and inspect Cessna C208 Caravan undercarriage legs as per C208 Maintenance Manual requirements. We have carried out this inspection many times for various customers. In addition, we hire out the tooling if required.