Seaplane Doors

Engine Bay


Engine has had a serious upgrade to a 180 hp O-360. performance improvements are huge, giving a takeoff roll with two people and half fuel of around 50 metres! Max climb performance is around 1500 fpm at sea level, and the aircraft will easily climb to altitudes of 8000 ft or higher at MAUW, and still be doing 500fpm. Fuel burn is approx 34 lph. Exhaust is a tuned exhaust system manufactured by Leading Edge. Performance tests indicate a typical power increase of 10-15hp. These systems are made from 0.063 stainless steel tube, so are hugely more reliable than standard aircraft exhaust systems. The air induction system uses a K&N reuseable air filter, and enlarged airbox, giving an air intake over double the original size, with reduced restriction to the carburettor. The fuel bowl has been hugely improved over the standard Piper bowl, with a CNC machined bowl, and bayonet/o-ring style attach mechanism which saves time at each maintenance visit, and does away with the often unsafe Piper wire bail method of securing the bowl.