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Comparison Table

  Sounds Aero Super Pacer Piper Cub (160hp) Maule (180hp) Cessna 180/185 LSA (eg Rans etc)
Cruise speed MEDIUM 90-95 knots SLOW/MEDIUM MEDIUM FAST 120-145 knots MEDIUM
Four seat capability Yes No Yes Yes No
Ongoing maintenance cost Low Low Low Med/High Very Low
Off airport (riverbeds, unimproved paddocks etc) capability Excellent Excellent Good Poor Good
Turbulence penetration Good Good Good Excellent Poor
Fuel burn 35 lph 32 lph 35 lph 50-60 lph 17 lph
Ease of repairs (eg rock damage to tail feathers etc) Easy Easy Easy Difficult Easy

The above table is a very generic comparison of five different aircraft types, and suitable uses.
It assumes each aircraft is fitted as required for airstrip operations.

When looking to purchase an aircraft, the most important factor to get very clear in your head (behind your budget) is what is your main intended use? If you really want a serious bush plane that can land anywhere, there is no point compromising and considering a Cessna 180 (for example).